Monday, 19 October 2015

Holding Pattern by Interboro Partners

Instead of deciding outright what the installation should be, Interboro talked to PS1′s neighbors about what they needed and let the design grow organically from the input, incorporating the community’s requested materials. The result, as the firm say, is “a scheme that doesn’t so much redesign the courtyard as reveal it.” Holding Pattern is a twisted canopy of rope that stretches from the main PS1 building to each side of the courtyard through one large and continuous structure.

Under the canopy, Interboro created sitting areas, and used things like mirrors, flood lights and ping-pong tables to create an interactive space for for Warm Up attendees. The seating will be split between a senior citizens center and the Checker Management offices. The mirrors will be given to the Long Island City Ballet School, the flood lights will go to the NYC Irish Center, and the ping pong tables are for Info Tech High School.
Interboro Partners worked with more than 15 different community groups to create the final design. On their website, they say, “We never would have thought to include [these items], but [they] both enhance the Warm Up’s program, and strengthen MoMA PS1′s ties to its neighborhood.

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